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TR-1000 ROV is a high performance electrical Work Class ROV System which is suitable for search & rescue, survey, drill support and light construction duties. Whole ROV system serves as a portable solution with small footprint on deck.

TR-1000 ROV has ease of operation and maintenance. The system configuration can be tailored according to the operational purposes and customer requirements. TR-1000 ROV can be operated at free-swimming mode up to 1000 meters or from an optional TMS system up to 2000 meters.


Defense Industry

•Search and Rescue
•Debris Removal
•Diver Observation
•Object Localization and Recovery
•Submarine Rescue Operations …

Oil & Gas Industry

•Pipeline Inspection
•Drilling Support
•Construction Support
•Platform Cleaning
•Sub-sea Installation
•Telecommunication Support
•Object Localization and Recovery …


Scientific Studies

•Seismic Research
•Scientific Research
•Water Sampling
•Sediment Sampling …

TR - 1000 ROV

TR-1000 ROV is used for Defense Industry, Oil & Gas Industry and Scientific applications with its 1000m depth ratings (optional 2000m), open frame construction, 7 axis manipulators and payload capacity of 135kg.


Auto pilot features (auto heading, auto depth, auto altitude) provide stable ROV operation under high sea state conditions.

TR-1000 ROV is electrically powered and has 4 live video cameras, sonar system, altimeter, CTD, USBL tracking system, INS and various cable cutting tools or other hydraulic custom designed manipulator tools. TR-1000 ROV can be configured by adding or changing various tools and sensors for multi-purpose operations.

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